CAT – MBA Entrance Exam

Personalized. Customized. Intensive. Exclusive.

Dear Student, Online Preparation for CAT 2020 / 2021

Plan A : Prepare from Scratch
Plan B : Prepare for topics selected by you.
Plan C : Only Doubt Classes

Option 1 : One to one preparation
Option 2 : Join and avail classes with your friends

Features :

1. No recordings played. Only live coaching.

2. Students will never be on Mute mode. Students can ask doubts during class directly by voice communication, not by typing it in chatbox.

3. Fees are not charged on a lump sum basis. It is charged per session basis.
4. Classes are going to be conducted by using smart digital pen tablets which will provide you an experience better than classroom.
5. Faculty is having 7 years of experience in training students for CAT, GMAT.

For more information, get in touch with us on whatsapp – 91759 19718. 

Thank you. Regards,
Anshuman Joshi.